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Getting Started

Your First Message

Get Started with Your First Message

The following guide will help you get started making your first requests to a large language model (LLM) using local inference through Ollama.

This guide picks up from our quickstart where you can see your PromptPanel dashboard at: http://localhost:4000.

Step 1: Create a New Administrator Account

Create a new administrator account for your instance.

This user account will have the ability to add and manage new users later on from the settings.

Step 2: Download a Model with Ollama for Offline Use


Download the Phi-3 offline / local model by Microsoft for Ollama.

Finding the Right Model

The Phi-3 model is a very good small model for use on your local machine. We recommend trying out some larger models (7B+) if your machine is capable.

You can find a listing of models available using the Ollama Library.

If you find that models are slow on your machine, we recommend using a commercial models by OpenAI, Google Gemini, or Anthropic for inference.

Step 2 (Alt): Enter Your API Key for a Commercial Model


Select your model provider from OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, or Google.

Enter your API key from your selected provider and hit "Get Started".

Step 3: Send Your First Message


Send your first LLM message.

Note: We would accept poutine for this answer, also maple syrup.

Step 4: Optional: Create Another Panel


  1. Selecting the new button will start the create panel flow.
  2. Select a plugin from the list to create a new panel.
    • Think of panels as if they're applets or bots (more info here).
    • Plugins contain configuration information, and also the logic of how your panel will function.
  3. Enter the required information and select Create Plugin

Step 5 (Optional): Manage Your Models


  1. Selecting the settings button will bring up your settings.
  2. Select a Manage Ollama to bring up a list of models - from here you'll be able to:
    • Pull new models from the Ollama library (
    • Remove models which have been pulled to your system.
    • Note: Any other models loaded externally to Ollama will be available here as well.
    • Note: Only Administrator users will have access to the Manage Ollama functions.