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User Management

Access Controls

PromptPanel provides granular access controls, allowing Admins to manage the visibility and interaction of Panels, Threads, and Messages.

This ensures data security and privacy within your PromptPanel environment.

Panel Access


Admins have the flexibility to determine who can view and interact with each Panel during its creation or modification.

The following access levels are available:

Admins Only

Selecting this option restricts Panel visibility and access solely to other Admin users within the system.

This is ideal for Panels containing sensitive information or administrative functions.

All Users

Choosing this setting grants access to all registered and activated users within your PromptPanel instance.

This is suitable for Panels intended for general use or collaboration across teams.

Select Users

For more specific control, Admins can choose to grant access to a select list of users.

This allows for the creation of Panels tailored to specific teams or projects, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view and interact with the content.

Thread & Message Access

By default, user access to Threads and Messages is restricted for privacy and data security.

Users can only view and interact with the Threads and Messages they have created themselves through the API. However, Agent Plugins may offer additional controls that allow users to see more information based on their specific design and functionality.

Admins have the ability to override these default settings and gain visibility into the Threads and Messages of users within their organization.

This can be useful for monitoring purposes, troubleshooting, or providing assistance to users.