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User Management

Adding and Managing Users

As an admin your can access to user management through Settings > User Management.

This allows you to efficiently control user permissions and access within your PromptPanel environment.

User State

Within the User Management dashboard, you have the ability to enable or disable user accounts as needed.

Disabling a user effectively revokes their access to the system, including any active API tokens associated with their account.

Admin vs. User Roles

PromptPanel distinguishes between Admin and User roles, each with distinct permissions.

Admin users hold elevated privileges, granting them comprehensive control over the system and user access. Admins can add, edit, and disable other users.

In terms of management - Admins have the ability to, edit and administer existing Panels (see more about Access Controls for Panels), and create new Panels.

User roles, on the other hand, have more restricted permissions, typically limited to interacting with Panels based on the access controls set by Admins.

OpenID Connect

For enhanced security and streamlined authentication, PromptPanel supports OpenID Connect (read more on setting up OpenID Connect SSO).

Users who register using OpenID Connect will need to be authenticated using their OpenID Connect credentials.

As an Admin, you have the option to set a password for these users, allowing them to sign in either using OpenID Connect or their password in the future.

This provides flexibility while maintaining secure access control.

Allowed Domains

To further enhance security and control over user creation, you can leverage the PROMPT_USER_ALLOWED_DOMAINS environment variable.

This variable expects a list of domains as a string - for example:,

Setting this variable allows you to specify a list of approved domains from which Admins can create user accounts on your instance.

This helps prevent unauthorized user creation and ensures that only users from trusted domains are granted access.