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Agent Plugin Authoring

Frontend Customizations

Files and Directories

The following is an example of what a sample Plugin directory looks like.

The /template/... and /static/... directories are your points of interest here.
/template           <-- HERE
/static             <-- HERE


There are 3 templates at template/panel.html, template/thread.html, and template/message.html which are rendered when the user visits the following routes:

  • Panel: http://host/app/{panel_id}/
  • Thread: http://host/app/{panel_id}/{thread_id}/
  • Message: http://host/app/{panel_id}/{thread_id}/{message_id}/

By default there is a chat template which is loaded for each of these. Replacing them will load your selected HTML template instead.

To have a look at the default templates used as a base, you can look here:


Files from static are served for signed-in users at http://host/app/plugins/{plugin_id}/static/filename.ext

The plugin_id used is the name of the folder in the /app/plugins/ directory.

This is a good place to store things like CSS / JS / and any images needed for templates.