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User Management

Enabling Self-Service User Signup

PromptPanel offers flexible options to control how users sign up and gain access to your environment.

Enabling Signup

  • Environment Variable: To allow users to create accounts directly, set the PROMPT_USER_SIGNUP environment variable to ENABLED.
  • Pending Activation: By default, new users will not be active immediately. An administrator must activate their accounts through the User Management dashboard (see Adding & Managing Users).

Enabling Self-Service User Activation

  • Environment Variable: To allow users to activate their own accounts, set the PROMPT_USER_SIGNUP_ACTIVATE environment variable to ENABLED.
  • Email Requirements: For self-activation to work, you must configure the following email settings:
  • Activation Process: New users will receive an email with a link to activate their account.

Enabling Self-Service Password Reset

  • Environment Variable: To allow users to reset their passwords, set the PROMPT_USER_RESET_PASSWORD environment variable to ENABLED.
  • Email Requirements: This feature also requires the same email configuration as user activation (see environment variables above).
  • Reset Process: Users can initiate a password reset from the login screen and will receive an email with instructions.

OpenID Connect

For enhanced security and streamlined authentication, PromptPanel supports OpenID Connect (read more on setting up OpenID Connect SSO).

Users who register using OpenID Connect will need to be authenticated using their OpenID Connect credentials.

As an Admin, you have the option to set a password for these users, allowing them to sign in either using OpenID Connect or their password in the future.

This provides flexibility while maintaining secure access control.

Allowed Domains

To further enhance security and control over user creation, you can leverage the PROMPT_USER_ALLOWED_DOMAINS environment variable.

This variable expects a list of domains as a string - for example:,

Setting this variable allows you to specify a list of approved domains from which Admins can create user accounts on your instance.

This helps prevent unauthorized user creation and ensures that only users from trusted domains are granted access.