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v1.6 OSS, plugin update, + files



Open Source:

  • As of v1.6, all of PromptPanel's features are open source.
    • Previous commercial features like user management, access controls, and SSO are now included in OSS.

Agent Plugins:

  • Agent plugins will now default to a chat front-end (no longer needs to be included in plugin directory).
  • manifest.json of plugins now included a capabilities: key which will be fed to templates as context (currently used for enabling / disabling vision on supported models).
  • Deprecated the metadata field across plugins - new field is meta.
    • Use JSON instead of storing as a string and converting (which was initially was used for database compatibility, but we're looking at only supporting Postgres and SQLite for now).
    • Migration script is included on startup to make this change non-breaking (metadata will be removed at a later date).
  • Updated with new plugins across the different default LLM models:


  • Added file/update endpoint.
  • Added a filename field to data model.
  • New document interface on pre-installed plugins.
    • By default:
      • Agents will prepend document content before the chat history.
      • When context is too long they will truncate the documents passed to the model.
    • We'll be including a RAG use-case as well in an upcoming cookbook item.


  • Using customized textarea field vs Quill dependancy.
  • Fix to allow admin users to use edit_message endpoint.
  • Fixed copy for access controls around application.
  • Fixed toast issue for local models.
  • Tweaks to input sanitation.
  • Minor interfaces tweaks.
  • Reduced AMD64 bloat.